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3rd Generation PDO/PCL Threads

  • TGA/CE Approved

  • Safer Approach, Better Effect & Longer Lasting Results

  • Over 20 Types of Thread Designs for Every Indication 


Ultra V Lifting Products 

  • Ultra V-Lifting, is the world’s leading PDO thread brand from South Korea, with a global presence of users from over 30 countries worldwide. 

  • Based on the philosophy of maximizing anti-aging effects with simple non-surgical procedures, the application of Ultra V PDO/PCL range pioneers industry standards, covering the indication of outstanding collagen-boosting thread range for full facial & periorbital rejuvenation, and unique lifting thread range for brow, face & neck lifting through fixation. 

  • Ultra V is also the first inventor of HIKO nose threads with patterns for 3 ways non-surgical nose augmentation.

  • Over 100 aesthetic clinics in Australia are the existing Ultra V lifting users since the launch of the product line in Feb 2020,  including some of the most renowned aesthetic clinics across the country. 

Live-patient Hands-on Training

Ultra V Thread Lifting is the proud product sponsor of the International Fellowship in Advanced Aesthetic Science's Non-surgical Face Lifting Hands-on Master Class globally. 

View Upcoming Training Here

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This website is designed to serve licensed medical professionals/clinics/hospitals in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Malaysia.


The website only listed a very small range of products. For full range of Ultra V products & shipping to the rest of the world, Contact us through:


Australian Local Call: +61 2 8005 7998

Global Call/Message/Whatsapp: +65 8287 7416

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