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Non-surgical 3 Ways Nose Augmentation with Ultra V HIKO Threads

Use Ultra V HIKO Threads for Non-surgical Nose Augmentation over lunch time & create 1) Higher Nose Bridge 2) Elevated Nose Tip 3) Sharpened Nostrils

Why Choose Ultra V HIKO Threads

  • Ultra V is the inventor of the world's 1st HIKO nose threads with patterns for 3 ways non-surgical nose augmentation to 1) create higher Nose Bridge 2) lifting Nose Tip 3) Sharpening Nostrils

  • PDO (polydioxanone) 3-dimensionally designed Ultra V Hiko threads are used and placed under the skin to improve the contour of the nose i.e. elevate the nose bridge and/or tip while stimulating collagen formation to lift and support the desired contour.

  • TGA approved Ultra V HIKO Nose Threads will not cause necrosis or resulting in widened nose bridge as HA filler injections

  • The result of Ultra V HIKO nose threads is instant, with minimum downtime

  • Over 100 aesthetic clinics in Australia are the existing Ultra V HIKO nose threads users since the launch of the product line in Feb 2020, including some of the most renowned aesthetic clinics across the country.

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Australian Local Call: +61 2 8005 7998

Global Call/Message/Whatsapp: +65 9489 7433


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